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On October 31st, my family and I will once again host our Geis family “Hot Dog Harvest” on the driveway of our home in Cincinnati. This annual tradition serves as an outreach to our neighborhood on Halloween night, as we treat costumed children and their parents to free hot dogs, hot chocolate, chips, and candy. Christian music blares over our stereo speakers, while chips bags and candy bars offered to our visitors feature labels containing an encouraging Bible verse.

As the smell of freshly grilled hot dogs drifts through the air, the crowd generally arrives in steady streams. It is a lot of fun meeting new faces, and catching up with those who come visit us every year.

When people ask us why we go to so much trouble to put this all on, we say that since this is the only time during the year that our whole neighborhood comes over to our house, we want to serve them dinner and let them know that Jesus loves them. We feel it is a great opportunity to redeem the holiday for Christ, to shine His light and love during a season when we, as believers in Jesus, tend to be more keenly aware of the (generally) unseen spiritual battle we face in this world.

We have many opportunities like this to share the Good News, at home and at work. In the Encouragement for Life blog this month, I share a number of practical ways in which we can leverage our position as leaders in business to influence our clients, co-workers, and community for the cause of Christ. I encourage you to read on.


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