D1 Training – Cincinnati

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Contact Name: Chris Witzgall, Co-Owner

Business Name: D1 Training – Cincinnati

Business Address: 9573 Fields Ertel Road, Loveland OH 45140

Website: http://d1training.com/cincynorth

Business Phone: 5135492353

Business Description:
We are a non-traditional fitness training gym in Loveland that offers programs for all ages and every fitness level. From first-timers to professional athletes, we are dedicated to making a difference in your life and helping you achieve a common goal—being your best self. Our gyms offer customized, state-of-the-art equipment, sports science-backed programs, and workouts that target your specific goals. Stop in and discover why Men’s Health named us a Top 30 Gym.

What first inspired you to get into your line of work? And what motivates you to do the work you do still today?
I believe as a Christian that our greatest gift from God is our bodies. Like any of the gifts and talents He has given us, we are to be good stewards and use them to glorify Him. Taking care of our bodies through healthy lifestyle is a requirement for everyone and we started D1 Training to help others achieve this goal.

How did you come to faith in Christ?
I was raised in the Catholic faith growing up, but truly became a Christian on February 28, 2016 when I was baptized and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

How does your faith impact the way you do business?
My faith gives our business a solid foundation on how to operate. We developed a set of guiding principles based on the Christian faith that mainly says it all belongs to God and we will use it to glorify Him and lead others to do the same.

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?
We champion and support multiple causes with our business that include Cleats 4 Kids, Special Olympics, CancerFree Kids, and Women of Alabaster Ministry.
We champion these because we feel strongly that God has provided us the opportunity with the business to bless these causes.

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