Blessed Plumbing

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Business Name: Blessed Plumbing

Contact Name: Bill Dempsey

Business Address:
Serving Columbus & central Ohio


Business Phone: 614-204-5156

Bill Dempsey started Blessed Plumbing when he realized he needed a more flexible schedule to spend more time with his wife and two children. The Dempseys live and raise their family in Central Ohio where they are active in the community by supporting local charities, band boosters, and fundraisers. 

Blessed Plumbing operates on a firm foundation in the belief in Jesus Christ and operates the business on Christian principles. Blessed Plumbing believes in fair pricing, working with integrity, and honesty.

What first inspired you to get into your line of work? And what motivates you to do the work you do still today?

I’ve always been drawn to fixing things and solving problems hands-on. Plumbing felt like the perfect blend of practical skill and helping others. Plus, there’s something satisfying about knowing you’re essential to keeping homes and businesses running smoothly.

How did you come to faith in Christ?

My journey to faith in Christ began with a search for meaning and purpose in life. Through encounters with believers, reading scripture, and experiencing the love of God in various ways, I gradually came to understand and accept Christ as my savior. It’s been a journey of growth, challenges, and profound joy. 

How does your faith impact the way you do business?

My faith shapes the way I do business by guiding my decisions with principles of honesty, integrity, and compassion. It influences how I treat customers, employees, and suppliers with respect and fairness, striving to reflect Christ’s love in all interactions. Ultimately, my faith compels me to seek excellence in my work as a form of service to others and to honor God.

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?

We champion ministries that align with the values of our local church, such as providing aid to those in need. Our church community emphasizes compassion, stewardship, and making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Together, we strive to serve our community and beyond, reflecting the love and teachings of Christ in all that we do.

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