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Contact Name: Kim Sunderland, Realtor

Business Name: Fathom Realty


Business Phone: 614-726-0333

Business Description:
Kim Sunderland of Fathom Realty provides professional real estate service with thorough industry knowledge, client education, accurate analysis, and clear communication – with honesty and integrity. Serving clients in Franklin, Champaign, Union and Logan counties, she’s a “Jesus-loving, Paleo-eating, farmer’s daughter from Ohio”!

What first inspired you to get into your line of work? And what motivates you to do the work you do still today?
My mom was the one of the first woman realtors in Union County – so I’m second-generation realtor. I didn’t immediately follow in her footsteps, though. I spent 25 years in a construction trade where I learned a LOT about home construction. When the repetitive motion of my work started to take a toll on my body, real estate was a natural fit.

How did you come to faith in Christ?
The most wonderful woman taught weekly Bible lessons in elementary school. Every summer, she would pile a bunch of neighborhood kids into her station wagon and take us to VBS.  I remember asking Christ into my heart vividly, and am eternally grateful for that decision.

How does your faith impact the way you do business?
Every aspect of my life (and business) is impacted by my faith in Christ! Having a Biblical worldview allows me to truly be servant hearted realtor. I often say “God is my provider. My job as your realtor is to look out for your best interests!”

What ministry/cause do you champion and why?
Operation Restored Warrior: Because they are leading emotionally wounded veterans to Christ. Wonderful ministry! As the daughter of a WWII vet, this is near and dear to my heart.

First Liberty Institute: This group is working hard to protect our religious freedom in this country. They take on the court battles and have won many!

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